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The Life Extension Foundation funds the only scientific program in the world to develop new medical uses for advanced low-temperature technologies. Fundamental breakthroughs in ice control made by Foundation-funded scientists are leading to remarkable new methods of cryopreserving cells, tissues, and organs for transplant. Over the next 10 to 20 years, the use of cryopreserved tissues for the treatment of aging and degenerative diseases will revolutionize the practice of medicine. The long-term goal of The Foundation?s low-temperature research program is the development of human suspended animation, which will enable physicians to transport dying patients through time for treatment by the super-advanced medical scientists of the future.

Life Extension is funding a highly innovative Antioxidant Supplements research program to pinpoint the genetic and biochemical changes associated with aging. The objective is to use these data to develop a validated method to measure aging over short periods of time. This method will then be used to screen and evaluate (in highly rapid fashion) the safety and effectiveness of vast numbers of Antioxidant Supplements therapies with anti-aging potential.

The Foundation is currently the only source of funding on Earth for lifespan studies in mice to determine the effects on aging and lifespan of potential antiaging therapies. These studies are being conducted by gerontologists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, the University of California in Riverside, and the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. They are testing the potential of Antioxidant Supplements , drugs, and hormones now being used by life extensionists to counteract pathological biochemical processes such as oxidative stress (induced by free radicals), declining energy production (mitochondrial dysfunction), glycosylation (pathological binding of protein and glucose molecules), and loss of methylation capacity (required for DNA maintenance and to repair enzymatic actions).

All of these processes can be slowed down, or reversed with the use of antiaging-suppliments.

As soon as this research leads to the discovery of safe and effective antiaging-suppliments and therapies, they are incorporated into The Foundation?s Disease Prevention and Treatment Protocols so they may be used by members as quickly as possible. As more people join The Foundation, the pace of this research into antiaging-suppliments will be accelerated until total control over aging is achieved, along with the ability to extend the healthy human lifespan for hundreds...even thousands of years! Every month, members of The Life Extension Foundation receive a 96-page magazine that brings them up-to-date on the latest medical breakthroughs and information onantiaging-suppliments from around the world.

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In addition to learning about life-saving therapies first, Foundation members can obtain pharmaceutical-quality antiaging-suppliments through a unique antiaging-suppliments wholesale buyers clubî discount program that is available only to members. New members receive free books that contain highlights of what the Foundation has published since 1980.

The Foundation monitors thousands of scientific studies every week to make sure its antiaging-suppliments, disease prevention and treatment protocols are as up to date as possible. Life Extension personnel interact with the foremost medical and anti-aging researchers in the world to obtain inside information about antiaging-suppliments, and the latest life extension breakthroughs. Foundation members often gain access to disease-preventing, antiaging findings before they are published in scientific and medical journals.

The Life Extension Foundation was incorporated in 1980, but its founders have been writing about and financially supporting antiaging research since the 1960s.

The Life Extension Foundation can assist you in finding offshore pharmacies that will sell you advanced European and Asian medications that may be 5 or more years ahead of FDA-approved drugs. The Foundation is the foremost organization in the U.S. protecting the rights of Americans to import lifesaving antiaging-suppliments and medications for their own personal use. The Foundation maintains a directory of innovative practicing physicians who can assist you in implementing the advanced, innovative therapies it recommends.

New medical information is being uncovered at an exponential rate. Members of The Life Extension Foundation learn about medical breakthroughs and antiaging-suppliments years before the general public. If you are concerned about your health and longevity, we highly recommend that you join the non-profit Life Extension Foundation."

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