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Tip! Earth Priestess Initiation: As spiritual beings we are becoming increasingly aware of our relationship with Mother Earth, this beautiful Divine Mother Goddess who nurtures and cares for us in all of our daily needs. This guided meditation attunes you to her energy and initiates you as a Priestess or Priest of Gaia.

As spiritual beings we are becoming increasingly aware of our relationship with Mother Earth, this beautiful Divine Mother Goddess who nurtures and cares for us in all of our daily needs. This guided meditation attunes you to her energy and initiates you as a Priestess or Priest of Gaia. It is not necessary to devote yourself exclusively to Gaia to take on this role, more to connect and commune with her, consider her in all of your actions, protect her and love her as she does you. Your love and devotion to Mother Earth does not exclude your devotion to others, but will instead enhance all devotions and all of your life.

Follow this initiation as a guided meditation. You can even record it for your own personal use (not to be published without the express permission of the author).

Start by taking slow deep breaths With every inhale, feel your body flood with beautiful sparkling refreshing light With every exhale, feel everything stale, old, negative, leave your body and your life With every inhale, see/feel the light reaching right throughout your body Right down to the tips of your toes and the tips of your fingers Deep into the crevices of your body All the hidden or closed off areas, dark corners Open yourself right up to the light.

Release all fear and recognise the loving healing nature of this light Allow it into the fears and traumas that you've kept locked away Feel your energy evening out as the light balances everything Releasing pain and trauma and flooding all areas with truth and light.

Tip!Earth Priestess Initiation: Begin this method as a meditation. Once you can easily recite the words, you can use them as a loving-kindness exercise while driving, or waiting for an appointment, or wherever.

Also while you breath, see the light flood the outside of your body Dissolving away years of gunk, grime, negativity all over and around your body, Your arms and hands, your legs and feet, out into your energy field The sparkling light swirls and twirls dissolving all dark patches it comes into contact with Leaving only light and love, freedom and peace in its wake.

Now that you feel refreshed, clear and healed You begin to notice that you stand with your feet on Mother Earth Bare foot and comfortable, at peace with your beautiful natural surroundings You may be at a beach or a forest, a park with a lake Wherever you are it's a place of extraordinary beauty glowing with light.

Tip!Earth Priestess Initiation: People will often confuse the two and decide that meditation and prayer are transposable. Meditation and prayer are very similar in nature, especially individual prayer.

Open yourself up to the vibrant healing energy of this remarkable place Feel its familiarity, its energy is in perfect unity with all of life, with the Divine Creator with Mother Earth Then you realise that what you are feeling is Mother Earths energy field, her aura This is the all powerful conscious Divine Being that nourishes you, nurtures you, loves you like no other Provides life for you, love for you, healing for you Her heart is boundless and you open to receive her love Open to receive her light.

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Allow her aura into the deepest aspects of your being on all levels in all ways And you begin to realise just how amazing, just how loving this Divine Goddess is Gaia - your loving earth mother Gaia - giver of life, healer and you begin to feel great love for her Feeling her loving hands comb through your energy, pulling away the darkness there You open up to her healing hands as you give her love, Express love to her, express love for her You feel yourself moving deep into her heart As she opens her heart to receive your love and you open your heart to receive her love.

Tip! Jeanie: I've led many groups in meditation. It can certainly be very rich and rewarding when everyone present is focused similarly.

Initially it feels odd, like your rhythm and hers are out of balance But quickly you tune to her rhythm and flow and a great peace washes over you Allow yourself to receive this peace Allow yourself to receive her love Allow yourself to be One with her Allow her healing love to melt away the bubbles of pain and trauma Feel yourself becoming increasingly at peace So that you no longer think, you just 'be' You no longer worry, you just 'are'.

You feel the peaceful sensations of being free, you feel the freeing sensations of being at peace You are released from the bonds of anxiety, stress, fear, torment and shift into the freedom of love, light and peace With a wonderful knowing, you understand that you and mother Earth are in unity You are attuned to mother Earth. You are her keeper and carer just as she is yours She is now a part of you and thus you will find yourself more in flow with prosperity, more in flow with earth love and healing More in flow with the joyous prosperity that provides a great earthly life.

Tip!Earth Priestess Initiation: The meditation results are different from one person to another, but you can see them much earlier than in the cells of your body. You can expect those positive changes in 2 months after the beginning of the exercises.

As you become priestesses of the Earth you honour her, having no need to remove yourself from her presence as you return to the room You are fully grounded without even having to do anything after this powerful meditation. Bring yourself back into the room, wriggle your fingers and toes and take a moment to record your experience before getting up and walking around.

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Tip!Earth Priestess Initiation: For example, the Alchemical Meditations of Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald tablet and the Kundalini Kriyas of Paramahamsa Yogananda and Swami Satyananda.