Life Coaching - The first ever book on Emotional Freedom Technique and Coaching.

EFT Coaching Book

This is the book for me ñ EFT is not a therapy it's a technique to use, and Mary makes it perfectly clear how it can be, and IS used with coaching. I too have battled in the past with the idea about using EFT with therapy and about using EFT with coaching and Mary makes the difference very clear. As a psychotherapist I use EFT, as a Coach I use EFT, in different ways. EFT is soooo versatile it's wonderful, and it's wonderful that Mary has written this book and spelt out the difference. I wish I had written it!"

Dr Christina Elvin, Psychotherapist and Coach, UK

Who is The EFT Coach for?

Professional Coaches who want to add EFT to their practice - you will learn what EFT is, how its fundamentals relate closely to the principles of coaching, and how EFT can help your clients achieve their coaching goals faster.

EFT practitioners who want to move into professional coaching - you will learn how coaching differs from EFT as therapy and how to apply EFT in new ways to achieve coaching-specific goals.

Coaches who already know or use EFT - you will learn brand new variations of EFT designed specifically for coaching issues, how to use EFT to improve your own performance as a coach and expand your thinking about how to apply EFT within your specialism.

Self-help users interested in either EFT or coaching for self-development - you will learn new patterns of EFT and new ways to apply EFT to yourself to help you achieve your goals.

If you thought EFT was "therapy" - think again! Learn More here

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