Exploring Consciousness with EFT

How do we get free of the emotions of the past? For years we’ve been searching for effective ways to get free of the emotional blocks that keep us stuck in the past, feed our stress and rob us of pleasure. Yet most of us have the expectation that therapy has to be long drawn out and painful. Now, for many part of the answer to quick, gentle and effective change may be the tapping therapy known as emotional freedom techniques or EFT. But, what is it exactly and how does it unstick stuck emotion?

Some of the answers could come at a special series of EFT events in October 2008 designed to both enlighten the curious and help experienced practitioners understand and learn from observable effects on our brainwaves.

EFT master Gwyneth Moss explains, “EFT events brings together elements of ‘talk’ and ‘touch’ therapies and many people have been surprised to experience that tapping on acupressure points whilst talking about negative feelings seems to unstick stuck emotions. Yet modern science has not caught up with EFT yet and we don’t know just what goes on in brain and body to give rise to such dramatic changes in how people think and feel.”

“I was in Boston last year when EFT’s founding father Gary Craig was assisted by biofeedback experts Donna Bach ND and Gary Groesbeck BCIAC to demonstrate EFT with individuals whilst their brain waves were monitored and displayed for the audience to see.”

“We watched a brightly colored display with constantly moving red, yellow and blue lines that gave a picture of a person’s emotional and mental state – like seeing your mind on TV. Before the EFT session we’d see anxious worry thinking in the fast range of their brainwaves, and as the tapping started the slower waves of calm and relaxation would increase and then we would see bursts of deeper waves as hidden memories and emotions emerged into consciousness for clearing and eventually we saw the very slow waves normally observed only in sleep or healing.”

“Biofeedback expert Gary Groesbeck explained that the person’s mental state was approaching that known as the “awakened mind” that state of mind that is clearer, quicker, sharper and more flexible than the ordinary and is associated with achievement and creativity.” British biophysicist Maxwell Cade who developed the science of biofeedback researched these peak performance states in the 1970’s.

“This was an amazing moment for me. I could see that there is so much for all of us who use EFT to learn from biofeedback that can help us better use these tapping techniques to clear the emotional blocks to achieving our potential”

“I resolved to learn more and share this brainwave experience and so decided to invite Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck to come to the UK and join with British EFT experts in presenting a weekend of exploring consciousness with EFT. I believe that together this new therapy and biofeedback technology bring much valuable learning that can help health professionals, complementary therapists and indeed anyone who seeks to improve their emotional health”

Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck will have a 2 day post-conference event in the Netherlands, June 2011, with each participant being able to see how to train their own brainwaves, “Adventures in Awakening” with the theme of becoming “Masters of Intention”. This experiential workshop is available as a separate event.

See registration information at: Eft EventsFor more information on their work, see: Integral Awakened Mindand Secrets of the Awakened Mind

Places are limited so early booking is recommended.

About EFT

EFT or “the tapping” seen on TV demonstrated by Paul McKenna has evolved in the last fifteen years from combining techniques based on the ancient Chinese meridian system of acupuncture with the more modern skills of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. Using the assumption that negative emotions are our conscious experience of a disruption in the meridian system EFT employs talk to focus on disturbing thoughts and acupressure tapping to clear the disruption.

Science cannot yet explain just how EFT works and there are opposing explanations offered. However many thousands of people have individual experience that it does work. Somehow stimulating thought and meridian system together changes the way the brain processes information. In a way this is like rewiring or redirecting the brain's conditioned negative response and thus results in changed thoughts, feelings and behaviour. EFT is being practiced by thousands of therapists, counsellors, life coaches and individuals around the globe and you can find out more by visiting: Emotional Health UK and EFT Universe

Donna gives a brief explanation of the brain waves during a presentation by Dr. Benor