"Many people want home jobs but lack the time and resources required to find appropriate and fulfilling home jobs. We know the milestones home workers face when beginning a job search. Searching independently can be over-whelming, time consuming, and down right taxing. Whatever your skill level, your unique talents are represented. Homejobstop offers bi-weekly Update Reports of the latest jobs, lifetime access to our highly maintained and diverse Job Bank as well as our informative Homejobstop Newsletter. We are committed to every member finding secure and rewarding employment in the shortest amount of time possible.

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  • "Every time I visit the big job boards, I get thousands of returns (much to my immediate delight) only to discover that 95% of the returns are not what I asked for and the lingering 5% are not what I want! I don't have a hundred hours a week to fish through the hodgepodge! I need a job now!" ---Judd M. No doubt, this is a familiar complaint among job seekers. Home Job Stop is not primarily powered by big impersonal search engines, but by people. Gone are the hundreds of frustrating hours and missed opportunities. Our database has been designed for ease of use. All information is available quickly and easily.
  • "I've been going to a lot of work@home sites and I am over-whelmed by the number of people making unrealistic claims and trying to recruit job seekers to their MLM programs, surfing programs and business opportunities. I am frustrated, annoyed and beginning to think there are no legitmate opportunities for home workers." ---Barb C. Unfortunately, many work-at-home sites are crowded with these kinds of "jobs". And though some are legitimate, many promise more than they deliver. We do our best to exclude MLMs, surfer programs and unrealistic business offers from our database.
  • "I''ve been looking for work at home and found some jobs asking for money. I really need a job. How do I know if it's safe?" You should never pay an employer, regardless of how they justify it. As a rule, we do NOT accept jobs from employers who require payment. YOU are providing a service. YOU do not owe employers one penny.
  • "I have sent out a lot of resumes that came back because the address doesn't exist." ---C.J. This is usually a problem with the site administration failing to remove out-dated jobs. We update our database regularly to prevent this from becoming a problem.
  • "I recently signed up as a member to receive newsletters from a couple job sites and now I am getting lots of promotional emails and advertisements."---nuffspam Read the fine print. Some sites grant affiliates the right to send subscribers special offers. At Home Job Stop, there is NO FINE PRINT and your privacy is strictly protected
  • "I'm not qualified for any of the jobs I am finding! I don't think I am qualified for anything!!!" ---Karen Certainly you are qualified for many things but have been searching in the wrong databases. We do our best to maintain a diverse database that represents both skilled and unskilled positions.
Below are our solutions to the home jobs most common problems faced by homeworkers seeking employment independently.

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