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The mission of Lower My Bills.com is simply to help every American household save money for the important things in life.

I came up with the idea for Lower My Bills.com after my wife and I bought our first house. I was just plain frustrated trying to find the best offers for everything from insurance to long distance. It was not just frustrating, it was time consuming, and I could never be sure I was getting the best deal.

To that end, LowerMyBills.com is a simple and intuitive Web site: you gather information, tailor a service to your needs and sign-up for the plan that is best for you all online. It is the first nationwide site that empowers you to lower all of your monthly bills - from insurance to long distance - all in one place. And it's free to use! Today, we help you save in fourteen different categories of unavoidable monthly bills. In the coming months, we will expand our coverage to 18 different categories. We're looking forward to saving you even more money in the future.
Helping You Save,

Matthew R. Coffin

Founder and CEO
Lower My Bills.com

Testimonials for Lower My Bills.com

"I saved $982 on my car insurance. It really works."

Gina Mahdavi - Fountain Valley, CA

"Very clear interface...very easy to use. Saved $120/year on my cell phone!"
Tammie Moss - Murfreesboro, TN

"Great site, very informative, great layout! Found a plan to reduce my long distance bills $120/year."
Virginia S. - Rialto, California

"I think this is a great site, providing a great deal of information and easily accessible. I found a long distance carrier $400 less than my current plan."
P. Ricci - Chicago, IL

"The quotes came up quickly and I saved $500 a year on my long distance bill!"
Joetta Heidorn - Columbus, OH

"I read the savings tips with great success! I saved $140/year on my Internet service!"
Wendy Tinkler - West Concord, CA

"Clear, well designed, offering multiple choices. Reduced my long distance bill by $100 a year."
Paula Cote - Canoga Park, CA

"I reduced my car payments by $500 a year thanks to your company. And, I'm looking forward to saving more in the other categories."
Mari Ann G. - Solana Beach, CA

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