Mindfulness Based Awakened Mind Training

What is Mindfulness and the AwakenedMind

Several decades ago the late zen roshi and biophysicist, C. Maxwell Cade(1), designed dedicated EEG hardware, the Mind Mirror, to observe states of consciousness in his students.What he found in advanced zazen meditators was a particular brain wave state which he named the Awakened Mind.

Subsequently his pupil and protege, Anna Wise (2,3), took the Mind Mirror around the world, hooking up literally tens of thousands, and found this correlate state in all advanced meditators whatever their tradition; Christian contemplative, zazen, yogi, swami, Taoist, or people who simply sat for years and watched the garden grow. Anna also found this state in the moment of high creativity, optimal performance, and emotionally transformative insight. She developed powerful techniques of guided imagery and brain wave monitoring to rapidly recreate this EEG state in everyone who wished to learn it.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness means paying attention, non-judgementally, andkindheartedly, to all that arises in oneself moment-by-moment:thoughts, feelings, moods, sensations.

Research into the physical and psychological effects of mindfulness meditation shows it to be highly efficacious in spiritual mastery(9), the treatment of stress and pain (mindfulness based stress management (4)(5)), the treatment of depressive relapses, personality disorders, and simple, everyday emotional problems(mindfulness based cognitive therapy (6)(7)(8)).

What is the MindMirror

The Mind Mirror is a state-of-the-art brain wave monitoringelectroencephalograph (EEG) designed specifically to help developthe Awakened Mind state.

Awakened Mind Training

Now these two powerful and effective techniques, Awakened Mind training and Mindfulness, are combined in Mindfulness Based Integral Awakened Mind Training. Students are introduced to Mindfulness, while being gently assisted through guide imagery and neuro-monitoring on the Mind Mirror, to rapidly achieve the Awakened Mind state. This is the state and process central to all meditative, contemplative,and spiritually transformative traditions east or west (3).

Mindfulness is enhanced by the use of loving-kindness and compassion meditations(9). Research into positive emotional states such as loving-kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude have shown profound effects on physical, emotional, and interpersonal relationships(10). Biofeedback techniques for developing these positive traits are also incorporate with Awakened Mind training.

All the physiological and psychological benefits of the Awakened Mind and Mindfulness are developed with this approach so that one can learn to achieve optimal brain function, high performance, creativity, personal and spiritual transformation. One can learn at their own pace to maintain this new way of being, continuously, with eyes open, while going about their daily activities.

"The essence of love is to affectively ( and unconditionally ) affirm as well as to unselfishly delight in the well-being of others, and to engage in acts of care and service on their behalf; unlimited ( unconditional ) love extends this love to (oneself) and all others( unconditionally) without exception, in an enduring and constant way. Widely considered the highest form of virtue, unlimited love is often deemed a Creative Presence underlying and integral to all of reality: participation in ( unconditional ) unlimited love constitutes the fullest experience of spirituality. " IRUL

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