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by Geoff Morris

( Free MP3 music)

With the price of audio recordings today, there's absolutely nothing like free music. Free MP3 music has been all the rage, heightening music-mania all over the world.

Of course there have been some controversies involving the questionable legality of peer-to-peer sharing of free files, e.g. the issue on Napster, but all that has been remedied when intellectual property laws were modified to cover copyrighted materials online.

So now, sharing free music and downloading them from legal websites is completely legit.

But there's more to it than that. Just as you can use your car stereo system as a learning station, so instead of music you listen to training tapes while you drive, with an MP3 you can now do this anywhere.

In the gym, walking the dog, cutting the grass, jogging, or even while you are in bed!

So what's a nost MP3 file anyway?

MP3 actually stands for MPEG -1/2 Audio Layer 3 and it is also referred to as MPG3, MPG-3, MPG Level 3, MPG Level III, MPEG 3, etc. Essentially, it is an audio file compressed into tiny bits using the same fractal-based algorithms for compressing photographs into JPG format.

Like JPG, free MP3 files have a slightly loose format. This means that the final sound of an MP3 file is not quite the same as that of its source.

However, the difference between the sound of an MP3 file and that of a conventional WAV file are usually too subtle for human discernment. In fact, only particularly trained listeners can distinguish the slightly different sound of an MP3 file from that of its source.

This makes a free MP3 music perfect to listen to even when you're at home, in the subway, or while driving.

So, where can I get this no-cost MP3 music for myself?

The Internet is practically crawling with websites that offer free MP3 downloads.

There's, of course, which is perhaps one of the largest online music community in the world. The site features free MP3 album streaming and videos.

You can choose from different genres from rock/pop and alternative/indie to hardrock/metal and hip-hop, and even to soul, urban, latin, and more.

You can also check out some cool MP3 players so you can play all your free MP3 music downloads anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Then, there's Nullsoft's popular Winamp free MP3 collection. Not only does Winamp feature this type of MP3 music, but they also let you download their free MP3 winamp player, complete with ultra-phat skins and visualizations.

Aside from that, Winamp also features some great plug-ins to give your MP3 player some fabulous additions, like an i-pod interface, language packs, midi control and more.

Another great site for free MP3 music is Epitonic. In addition to their wide variety of free MP3 files, this site offers their very own Epitonic radio where you can listen to cutting edge music of your chosen genre.

There are dozens and dozens of sites that offer free MP3 for the music fan.

Just be careful though because there are as many websites of questionable legality as there are legitimate sites.

The internet is proving to be veritable distributor of everything digital.

As my parents used to say - Whatever Next?

About the AuthorGeoff Morris has compiled a top-notch web site for a whole range of MP3 downloads. Whatever your taste in music, or help in getting your favourites, Free MP3 Downloads Guide has your answer.

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