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At AlterNet.org, we are doing something about information overload and corporate media irresponsibility. Our website is designed to serve as your "online helper," leading individuals, policy professionals and journalists alike to sources for information and insight. There is a word for this role. It is an "infomediary."

Average people need an infomediary to help them sort through the mass of information. Activists need an infomediary to lead them quickly to collegial efforts and relevant data. Public interest websites need an infomediary to steer like-minded people to their content.

The infomediary finds, evaluates, aggregates and organizes links to the best journalism, policy analysis and websites on a range of pressing issues, from globalization and grassroots organizing, to the war on drugs and genetic engineering. Click Alternet for the news Corporate America doesn't want you to read.

Sierra Club Alert

Take Action: National Forest Protection and Restoration Act

President Bush's energy plan won't work, because it makes the wrong choices. The Bush Administration energy plan ignores high-tech, energy-efficient solutions in favor of increased oil, gas, coal, and nuclear production, while his budget proposal slashes funding for renewable energy and efficiency by a third.

Join the Sierra Club today. Buy energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Planet Feedback - Consumer Complaint Service

We created PlanetFeedback to help consumers send their feedback to companies quickly and effortlessly. Learn more about how our site works by taking a quick tour, and tell us what you think by sending Feedback on Us. And find out more about our commitment to consumer empowerment by reading our Consumer Manifesto!

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Here is the best single consumer advocate on the internet

Consumer Action.org

The Corporate Watchdog

Corporate Watch provides news, analysis, research tools and action resources to respond to corporate activity around the globe. They also talk with people who are directly affected by corporate abuses as well as with others fighting for corporate accountability, human rights, social and environmental justice. As part of the independent media, Corporate Watch is free of corporate sponsorship. Its parent organization is the Transnational Resource and Action Center (TRAC), based in San Francisco.

If you really want to know how the coporate world is behaving its self this site makes for some very interesting reading, as well as action alerts you may want to take to heart.

Click for Coporate Watch

Click Here If you would like to know who is buying Congress. Open Secrets.org

Ecology Fund

EcologyFund is owned and operated by CharityMall.com as a way to get new funds for critical habitat and wilderness preservation using the power of the internet. When you "click to donate" our sponsors pay the project you selected to preserve the number of square feet shown by each project. You pay nothing. To maximize the donation, click on each project every day. If you register, CharityMall will donate 500 square feet of wilderness in your name, and will keep a running tally for you of all the land you have preserved.

All monies from sponsorships generated on EcologyFund go to purchase and protect wild lands. Sponsors are interested in supporting wilderness preservation for the same reasons we are: 1) its good for the environment, 2) our advertising budgets can do double duty and accomplish something important, and 3) the best form of public relations is good work. Help Preserve Nature. One click at a time

Circle of Life Foundation

The Circle of Life Foundation envisions a sustainable culture that honors biological and cultural diversity. Through education and outreach, we promote efforts to protect and restore the Earth. We inspire, support and network individuals, organizations and communities so together we can create environmental and social solutions that are rooted deeply in love and respect for the interconnectedness of all life.

Circle of Life Foundation

Click to Donate

It has never been so easy to do so much for our planet. With today's Internet technology, philanthropy is just a click away. ENN is excited to help you maximize your donation effort. Please take a few minutes each day to help make the world a better place, one click at a time.

Get others involved! Promote this click to donate page to your friends and family by sending them an environmentallyfriendly postcard. Donate to the Environment



The Jane Goodall Institute believes that the future is in the hands of the world's young people. With the support and encouragement of concerned, caring adults, they will grow up with a better understanding of the interdependence of all life on earth. With this in mind, Roots & Shoot was founded in 1991 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. In only a few years,the program has grown dramatically. Roots & Shoots groups are now found in over 38 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, and more than 30 other countries!

The Roots & Shoots Program aims to integrate educational goals, environmental awareness, and community involvement. Through constructive activities, young people will become more aware of their actions and how they affect their local community and the environment as a whole. Regardless of personal circumstances, young people may come to understand that their actions can make a difference.

Why should you become a member of ROOTS & SHOOTS?

  • Because you care about young people and their future.
  • Because you care about this planet and respect all living things.
  • Because this program is an investment in young people and, therefore, an investment in this planet.

Click here to join Roots & Shoots

Nolo - The Law For Everyone

Click here for self-help law books, software and some really good free advice.

Worldwatch Institute

The Worldwatch Institute is dedicated to fostering the evolution of an environmentally sustainable society--one in which human needs are met in ways that do not threaten the health of the natural environment or the prospects of future generations. The Institute seeks to achieve this goal through the conduct of inter-disciplinary non-partisan research on emerging global environmental issues, the results of which are widely disseminated throughout the world.

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