Integral Awakened Mind Coaching™ Practitioner Training

The Integral Awakened Mind Practitioner Training program is an in-depth series of six, five day seminars designed to teach you the fine points of helping people to awaken their minds.

In order to train people to master the power of their brainwaves, you need to understand these abilities from within yourself.

Therefore, participation in at least one, and preferably more, experiential workshops is necessary to become a qualified practitioner. There are many experiential workshops to choose from including the basic 5-day seminars of The Awakened Mind, The High Performance Mind, and EEG & Spirituality, as well as a 7-day workshop and several advanced workshops at Esalen, or in Private events around the world.

For the committed and diligent student, even one of our Basic Introductory Weekend Workshops will be accepted as the prerequisite to the Practitioner Training Program. You may combine experiential workshops in whatever way you wish, but always start with at least one of the entry-level offerings.

Experiential workshops may also be taken concurrently with the Practitioner Training Seminars. Each seminar of the Practitioner Training Program covers theory, pattern recognition, and pattern interpretation, while at the same time having a self-contained specific focus.

The Practitioner Training Program consists of four seminars and two practicums. The general syllabus of these workshops is as follows:

Descriptions of Practitioner Training Seminars and Practicums:

Seminar 1: Includes basic theory of the awakened mind; mind mirror operation; brainwave pattern recognition and introduction to brainwave interpretation; taking brainwave profiles; signature patterns; the generic Wise Protocol; and establishing an individualized protocol.

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Awakened Mind Seminars

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Seminar 2: Includes training specific brainwaves and brainwave combinations; writing meditations for beta mastery, alpha development, theta development, delta and the awakened mind; leading meditations – voice, presentation and practical issues.

Practicum 1: The first of two practical experiential seminars. The student is expected to have completed a number of brainwave profiles, begun case study work, and begun developing meditation leading skills. Pattern recognition and interpretation will be supervised. Student will be observed and receive feedback and continued instruction on voice and presentation.

Seminar 3: Includes dealing with the content that arises from the subconscious; Intro to EFT; conducting individual sessions; using brainwave training for creativity, personal growth, self healing, and spiritual development within an individual client format; direct feedback; the relationship of the state and the content of consciousness. Each participant will experience an individual session with the group observing.

Seminar 4: Includes understanding protocols for three hour, one-day, weekend, three-day, and five-day workshops; the "grid" system; leading group meditations; processing content within a group format; group dynamics; ethics; bio-monitoring and giving brainwave feedback within the group context; addressing "energetics", spiritual crisis, and spiritual development. An Integral approach to Awakened Mind Coaching.

Practicum 2: The second of 2 practical experiential seminars, each student is expected to lead a group session using a meditation he or she has written, and will receive feedback on presentation and content; each student will also receive feedback on required brainwave profiles, case studies and meditation writing assignments.

Certification requires attending all of the Practitioner Training Seminars,the purchase of the current Mind Mirror EEG System, and is given when the student exhibits satisfactory knowledge of the material and techniques, and displays an ability to help others awaken their minds.

The purpose of the practicums is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and ability, while receiving feedback and developing their skills.

The independent study is work to be done in between the seminars, specifically designed to help the student develop the skills necessary to be an Awakened Mind Trainer.

If you are uncertain about whether to attend, or need clarification about an issue involving the training, please telephone us at (209)533-3413 so we can discuss it with you.

Awakened Mind Seminars

Anna Wise's Final note:

"I would ask you all to please remember that helping people to awaken their minds and gain personal mastery, is a pleasure, a privilege and a gift. It has been my life's work, that I have undertaken with heartfelt dedication.

It is with this spirit that I am attempting to devise the most thorough and effective way to help you attain these skills and abilities. Please remember to keep this work alive with divine source and inspiration, never allowing it to become dry, rote or only from beta.

Practicing all of the suggested homework/independent study to help others attain awakening is, in fact, a simultaneous practice of your own beta, alpha, theta and delta brainwaves, as you learn to read the brainwaves of your client, draw the patterns and keep a record of the session, interpret the patterns that you are seeing, make decisions as to what your client needs to best train his/her consciousness at any given time, lead the meditation or guide the client in the appropriate brainwave training, while having an empathetic understanding of and communication with your client during the conversation and the meditation, as well as having an appropriate openness and connection with your own spiritual source during the entire process.

Therefore, in doing this work you are continuing your own journey of awakening and self-mastery at the same time. I'm looking for people who really feel drawn to this work, and feel almost a sense of calling or a "call to action".

If you recognize the urgency with which our planet needs to awaken, please act on it. It is that kind of commitment and insight that is so desperately needed for a foundational healing of our society.

I am continually seeking a small group of committed practitioners, certified and confident in this work, to assist me or join with me to help strengthened and accelerate the transformation that is currently taking place on our planet."

We continue Anna's work with the deep sense of commitment she made to us all during her lifetime.

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Awakened Mind Meditation is a brainwave pattern shared by people in all higher states of consciousness regardless of their philosophy, theology or meditation technique."

It combines the intuitive, empathetic radar of the delta waves The creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of the theta waves The bridging capacity and relaxed, detached, awareness of the alpha waves The external attention and ability to consciously process thought of beta waves and the expanded attentional focus of gamma waves, all at the same time.

Research has shown that the Awakened Mind Meditation State is the "Aha!" of creativity and intuition!

Recent studies reported in business journals shows that the most successful CEOs are also the most creative and intuitive. By developing the Awakened Mind State you will:

Manipulate and modify ideas to create the most innovative ideas possible.

Find new ways to make money.

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Manipulate and modify ideas to create the most innovative ideas possible.

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See problems as opportunities.

Become more productive.

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Become indispensable to your organization. Over five decades of real time brain wave monitoring of thousands of people, from all walks of life, has shown us what the optimal brain wave patterns are for high performance, creativity, emotional and spiritual transformation, happiness, and a stress free life.

Optimize your nervous system to stop tuning out and into unhealthy frequencies of stress and anxiety. Discover the liberating practice of resting in pure awareness itself for brief moments anytime, anywhere. Utilize your waking Delta waves to stay connected to the universal field. Make contact with your deepest levels of being alive, and hard-wired for following your intuition, with Alpha/Theta brain states in a way that enables you to wholeheartedly choose the life you were given. Your opportunity to advance from Awakening your Mind to achieving your true life's purpose in all areas is available when you stay in tune with the rhythms we were meant to live within.

This guide will help you develop quickly and easily an Awakened Mind State:

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