Selfhelp Book - Power Pause - Fantastic Formula that Brings Wealth, Success and Happiness!

Selfhelp Book with Power Pause...

Dear Reader:

Will you do me a favor, please?

Use a note pad or your computer to jot down three things:

1) The most serious problem you have right now, whether it's money, health or relationships or a combination of any two or all.

2) Then write one word to describe how you feel when you think of the problem. It could be any word such as anxious, miserable, fearful, helpless, hopeless, etc.

3) Now write one more word to describe how you'd feel if that problem no longer exists. You can use words like happy, peaceful, relaxed or any word of your choosing.

Did you do that? I hope so. Let me tell you why. Because no matter what problems you currently face, there is a way to conquer them, a way that may at first seem magical but, in reality, is a simple, practical method that anyone can use.

There is a formula, a system for getting out of trouble. There is a way to overcome your problems, whether those problems are about money or health or relationships. I will explain more about this simple 3 minute, 3 step formula, but first ...

Let me explain.

You may have bought every selfhelp book and every course ever written about becoming successful, but success still seems to elude you. You may have attended every seminar and bought every audio and video album but still find that you are struggling to make ends meet. Why? I'll tell you.You may have reached the point where you're about to make the "Biggest Deal of Your Life" or close the "Biggest Sale," or find the "Greatest Relationship" ever, and in one little, crazy moment, you blow it all. Why? I'll tell you.

You may be earning a decent salary and just want to make some extra money but find yourself held back by fears and doubts. Why? I'll soon tell you why.

Here's another one: You may be struggling with health problems such as weight loss, lack of energy, a terrible illness or whatever. You go to every practitioner, try every system available and yet there is no improvement. Why? You'll soon see why.

Here's one more (and there are many other examples). You see what's happening on the Internet; you really want to get your piece of the pie. You have a great product or service, you set up a website, do some advertising, register with every search engine, join every forum and nothing happens. Why?

Let me tell you here

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