State and Contentin the Integral Awakened Mind 

The state of consciousness is the actual brain wave patternas measured on the Mind Mirror, while the content of consciousnessincludes the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all of the materialof the mind.

The range of content work includes accessing repressed psychologicalmaterial and suppressed creativity, using visualization or whatwe call "sensualization" for improving health and well-being,and deepening meditation and spiritual practice. This is relatedto perceptual stacking discovered independently by Anna Wise andDawna Markova.

Watching the interplay between the state and content of consciousnessfor many thousands of hours on many hundreds of people greatlyheightened as well as deepened the understanding of the awakenedmind -- how it developed, how it was used, what it was used for,how to help to develop it more quickly and efficiently, and howto use it more effectively. 

There are many varieties of awakened mind patterns, and throughlooking at the variety of styles of awakened minds that occuron many different types of people with many different kinds ofcontent, the inherent truth behind the awakened mind becomes apparent.

It was the ability of the state to allow the flow of information(content) from the conscious mind to the unconscious mind andback again that identified whether this state was truly an awakenedmind.  The many varieties and forms of the integral awakened mind,depend on the individual's own personal development, on his orher intention or need at the time, and on his or her normal signaturepattern. 

Anna Wise, in her book, The High-Performance Mind (Tarcher/Putnam1995), identified many of these varieties of awakened mind aswell as identifying a number of brain wave patterns that wereoften easily mistaken for an Awakened Mind brain wave pattern. Patterns that were mistaken for an Awakened Mind invariably hadsubtle forms of bottlenecks or blockages in the flow of informationbetween the conscious, subconscious, and the unconscious mind. 

Therefore she determined that:

1.  It is the interrelationship of the peak frequenciesof each of the four categories of brain waves (beta, alpha, theta,and delta) that actually identifies whether the individual hasan awakened mind.

2.  This correct interrelationship of peak frequenciesof the awakened mind allows the flow of information to occur betweenthe conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

3.  Alpha is the bridge between the conscious and thesubconscious mind.  Without alpha the individual will notbe able to remember with his or her beta brain waves what occurredin the theta (subconscious) state -- whether it is dreaming, meditating,dealing with repressed psychological material, dealing with suppressedcreativity, or even retrieving a lost memory.

4.  There is a "line of consciousness" thatoccurs in alpha and is specific to each individual at any giventime.  The content that resides above the frequency of theline of consciousness is available for the normal (beta) consciousthought process of the individual. 

The content that resides below the line of consciousness atany given time is "subconscious" or even "unconscious"and unavailable to the conscious mind.  This subconsciouscontent can be made available to the conscious mind by activatingthe line of consciousness and having the individual develop anawakened mind brainwave state with the appropriate intervals inbetween the peak frequencies that allows the content to be retrievedfrom the subconscious.

5.  For the purposes of consciousness training using thespectral analysis of the Mind Mirror, the frequency identificationof the brainwave categories of beta, alpha, theta and delta isvariable depending on each one's relationship to the other, andthe specific content purpose of the particular category.

For example, theta at 7.5 might contain subconscious contentif the line of consciousness is at 10 or 12 hz. (or even as highas 15) in one individual, while in another individual the frequencyof 7.5 hz. might be the line of consciousness, itself, and, therefore,be acting as an alpha wave with the subconscious access in therange of 4 hz.

By watching this process over and over again on the Mind Mirrorwith many different clients under many different circumstances,the individualized nature of the awakened mind state became apparent. A step-by-step developmental process was seen as the awakenedmind emerged in each individual.  From this a step-by-stepprocess was developed into a generic protocol for training theawakened mind.  This protocol can be individualized in accordancewith the client's signature pattern and specific needs. It can also be used to teach groups the basic awakened mind pattern.

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