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What is it?

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StemEnhance is a stem cell research breakthrough,a natural blue green algae extract that supports wellness by helping your body maintain healthy stem cell physiology. It is the very first product on the market from the latest phytoceutical product category called "stem cell enhancers".

Enhancer Adult Stem Cell Research

What are stem cell enhancers?

Recent scientific developments have revealed that stem cells derived from the bone marrow, travel throughout the body, and act to support optimal organ and tissue function. Stem cell enhancers are products that support the natural role of adult stem cells.

Why do I need this product?

As you age, the number and quality of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving your body more susceptibleto injury and other age-related health challenges.

Just as antioxidants are important to protect your cells from "free radical" damage, stem cell enhancers are equallyimportant to support your stem cells in maintaining proper organ and tissue functioning in your body.


Sex life renewed, and so much more..

On December 23, 2005 Yasmina writes:  

"On November 6th I began taking this anti-aging renewal super-food supplement called Stem Enhance that enhances the natural release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow and apparently guides them to where they are most needed in the body to replace damaged, dysfunctional cells in tissues and organs.  The improvements that I have experienced are  extraordinary! 

To begin with, last night I could put my finger all the way up my vagina for the first time in 2 years!  My vagina had been filled with scar tissue for the past 2 years as a result of the radiation therapy I underwent to treat cervical cancer.  Nothing could go into my vagina during that time.  During the past two years it was painful to touch even the outside of my vagina.  Now my vagina feels normal. I  am sure that I will be able to engage in pleasurable sex again soon!   


Another very noticeable benefit that I have experienced has to do with the 8 inch long keloid (raised) scar that I have had on my tummy from the urostomy I had 2 months ago.  The scar tissue underlying the red, ugly, angry-looking keloid scar had caused  the scar to rise a quarter of an inch along its entire length.  That keloid scar tissue has completely disappeared!  Now this scar is completely flat.  Very narrow in width now, it's no longer red, ugly, and angry-looking.  Happy tummy.  Happy me!  


Although it's been less than two months since I started taking 2 capsules of Stem Enhance 3 times every day, what I have already experienced in my abdomen and my vagina is absolutely incredible. I was shaking with awe and amazement last night.  

I look forward to the benefits I will derive during the coming months.  I will certainly be taking Stem Enhance every day." 


4-23-06 Update from Yasmina: 

Before I started taking StemEnhance (almost 6 months ago)  I used to go to my chiropractor weekly because I suffered intense pain from pinched nerves in my neck and my lower back, and trauma in my shoulder blades.  Happily, I haven't had to go to my chiropractor since two weeks after I started taking StemEnhance, in mid-November.   


Prior to taking StemEnhance I had to have blood transfusions every three months because my hemoglobin levels were not stable.  Now they are!  I haven't needed a blood transfusion in over five months!  


Also, I was attacked by two robbers a year ago.  They punched me in the face three times, and broke my nose.  One of the muggers was wearing a ring,  and I had a huge gash on the top of my nose.  There was considerable swelling and it left a red, angry-looking inch-long scar there.  And now that scar too is completely gone!  My life is so much better now.  I am so grateful!"  


How does it work?

When you take two capsules, the ingredients help to support the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream.Through a natural process, those stem cells then travel to areas of the body where they are most needed.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells can be thought of as "master" cells. You've probably heard about the controversy of embryonic stem cells inthe news. Stem cells are found in human embryos, but are also found in adult tissue.

Adult stem cells are most abundantly found in bone marrow. Stem cells circulate and function to replace dysfunctional cells,thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health. StemEnhance supports the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow into circulation.

The recent advances in stem cell research were listed as one of the most significant health-related stories in the past 25years by CNN, second only to the complete mapping of the human genome.

Is StemEnhance scientifically studied?

Yes. Several clinical studies have been conducted on the product, in addition to several in-vitro trials.

Where is it available?

StemEnhance is only available through StemTech HealthSciences, Inc. and its independent distributors. The formulation is patented and is the first of its kind on the market.

Enhancer Adult Stem Cell Research

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