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If you are searching for an Awakened Mind Meditation method to enhance your brain functioning that you can easily master and reap the benefits of, then we are delighted that you have discovered our web page. We were having the same problem as you. We had heard of the advantages that might be attained by means of meditation, however we felt baffled with the many unique variations of meditation.

Our account will allow you to steer clear of the expensive blunders and help you save a lot of time by using a little recognized Meditation Method, the Secret “Awakened Mind Meditation” Brainwave coaching!. We think you will appreciate it!

Where we Started...

We investigated just about everything you might imagine . Over a number of months, we tried out a handful of strange and fantastic meditation techniques, listening to burbling brooks and being dazzled by flashing lights, that guaranteed the world but never delivered the effects we wanted.

Well, following months of busy researching, and with a bit of good fortune, we happened across a well-known scientifically based approach known as Awakened Mind meditation. This particular method got rapid improvement. It promised the full meditation rewards easily.

We became excited to read about this particular modern day technique, at the same time, even with all the research centered evidence, we were still extremely suspicious of any kind of hi-tech meditation system that promised so many immediate rewards.

Looking back today, this kind of skeptical frame of mind may well have cost us the complete bliss which we currently experience each and every day. We were so delighted we looked into this in depth.

We had read two books by Anna Wise, "Awakening the Mind", and "The High Performance Mind", and her decades of experience of training people to do this technique.

Anna was offering a free demonstration of her Awakened Mind Meditation techniques, and doing a book signing in Sonoma, CA.

After attending the demo, we decided to sign up immediately to attend the experiential program at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, and get the five days of training in Awakened Mind Meditation to see what it could do for us.

We are SO pleased we gave Awakened Mind meditation brainwave coaching a good test. Following those fulfilling days at Esalen, we just felt focused, relaxed and clear minded. The levels of bliss and deep relaxation were nothing like we had ever experienced. YES, we had found something that actually worked.

In a nutshell, the Awakened Mind meditation we had discovered utilized precise exercises, guided imagery and body relaxation that gently guided our brainwaves from a stressful and anxious Beta brainwave state of ADD into extremely peaceful meditative states of Alpha/Theta and Delta.

Many people who have meditated for years and years never achieve these blissful states of mind. We were seriously bowled over with the positive and instant results. It actually felt like we had an unfair advantage over all the meditators who spent hours per day in highly disciplined lotus positions. We know that is why we now like to tell anyone who will listen about this.

And the best thing is, it's SO enjoyable to do and you don't need to pay a meditation guru thousands of dollars!

Today we feel calmer, more peaceful, more confident in all areas of my life, we feel more assertive, we also feel like much nicer people to be around and our stress and anxiety are a distant memory.

Even my friends and family have commented on how we seem positively different and they have been asking us what is our secret.

We tell them to try Awakened Mind Meditation training for themselves and many are now raving on about it too. It's amazing to see them all getting great results and changing themselves for the better -- We love helping them beat their own stress and feel happy too. It's the best gift we can think of in the world.

If you want to experience the many amazing benefits of meditation without all the hard work and years of dedication, Awakened Mind brain wave training is a great way to do that.

We will tell you this now; Awakened Mind brain wave meditation will give you the results faster than anything else we have tried. Since starting, we have discovered that this technique is the most advanced technology available right now. If you look into it, you will discover the same facts.

We love helping people beat stress and feel true inner peace & happiness. So if you buy the “Secrets of the Awakened Mind” e-book, we would be more than happy to help you with anything you need to know about this form of meditation. We offer private sessions and group workshops in exotic retreat settings internationally, including Hawaii, England, Holland, Belgium, Austria, and of course California and the US.

This new manual is the one currently used in Awakened Mind Meditation workshops and contains all the secrets of developing and maintaining an Awakened Mind. Of course if in the future you feel that you would like to take some EEG training and actually see your brain wave pattern just bring this manual along for an immediate discount on the class.

Thank you for reading our story and we hope we have helped you find your way to experience true bliss and happiness through learning about the “Secrets of the Awakened Mind” brainwave training. You can find out that not all meditation is hard work and that it does not have to take the patience of a saint.

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Have You Ever Found Meditation SUPER BORING?

READ ON to Learn Why The Meditation Program is Different -- And How It BEATS Holosync and the Monroe Institute!

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll know one thing...

Meditation can be both BORING and LONG-WINDED.

Maybe you’ve already tried other brainwave meditation products, such as Centerpointe’s Holosync program, or products from the Monroe Institute.

In which case, you may have discovered just how MIND-NUMBING, DIS-ENGAGING and OUTDATED these programs really are.

It would seem there’s NO SOLUTION.

That’s why 10 years ago, I began to think...

What if there was a meditation program you could actually LOOK FORWARD to?

What if you could stop looking at meditation as a dull, boring, back-aching process – and start to GET EXCITED about your next session?

I mean, REALLY EXCITED. Like, you’re THRILLED because you know you’re touching upon something magical – and knowing it’s making fantastic change in your life.

Wouldn’t THAT make a difference?

Well, that’s exactly what I thought – when I decided to create an early version of “The Meditation Program,” just under 10 years ago.

It was only a prototype of our current meditation program, but - WOW – was it powerful!

Our Australian-based "Deep Brainwaves" team began experimenting with the technology, and were immediately startled by it's phenomenal success –

Users reported being able to enter DEEP STATES of MEDITATION within just MINUTES.

But that wasn’t all.

They also experienced huge endorphin rushes. Shamanic-like visions. Curious physical sensations. Universal and psychic insights. A feeling of “oneness” with everything. Hours of blissful meditation seeming like just minutes. Solutions to complex problems. Reduced sleeping hours.



As the thresholds of their mind began to expand, issues that had previously troubled them for YEARS, simply vanished.


We continued to test and refine the entire process. Before we knew it, thousands of individuals were involved in the process – and “The Meditation Program” began to receive large-scale recognition, especially in Australia.

By combining some of the most advanced brainwave research, and stunning audio sound scapes, we’ve finally decided to unleash the ENTIRE meditation program to the self-development community – FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

And now YOU can experience it for yourself – from the comfort of your own home!

"I've always been impressed by those who achieve inner peace and tranquility, but I didn't have the time to become a monk or a recluse and meditate every day for twenty years. With your program, that's not a requirement and I've gotten just as much benefit!"

- "Schmidt," Brussels, Belgium - First name withheld on request

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Combine this with the knowledge of the Awakened Mind Meditation Brain Wave State and you will rapidly attain the deepest and most profound meditation possible: Secrets Awakened Mind Meditation E-Book

What some are saying about Awakened Mind Meditation

I want to thank you both again for a workshop packed with amazing experiences and wonderful lessons! You are incredible teachers, very present and great models of awakened-minds.My family and I had gained valuable insights that we can take with us for the rest of our lives.Christine M.Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master/Teacher, EFT Practitioner

That workshop was such a blessing. I have been doing the double bubble meditation when my temperamental ego tries to give feedback (this ego is like a temperamental 2 year old). When I start the beta chatter coming up, I start doing the slow, deep breathing and then visualize the two bubbles -the inner and outer, and instantly start feeling calmer. It is helping me with my sleeping too. I used to have trouble sleeping because as soon as I would lay down, the anxious thoughts-i call the screamee-memmees, would start invading my sleep from all sides. I could actually feel the energy coming in trying to find way to channel the anxiousness. Then I started doing the breathing technique and it disappears. The beauty of this is that I can do it everywhere. Thank you so much for inviting me to this workshop, it has brought an emotional freedom to me in toning down the Beta. I feel like I am getting a gentle classing shower from the inside. Really nice. I feel I am creating Bliss Balls on a regular basis.
Evelyn A.

"The basic and advanced Awakened Mind workshops by Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck are very special. They give you insights in how your brain works and tools to train your brain in meditative states that really help you as a therapist and coach. With their professional and inspirational guidance, you'll experience truly wonderful meditations that are surprisingly easy to do. A must if you want to develop your skills in helping other people"

Yvonne ToesetEFT Practitioner and Coach, Holland

"The knowledge and experiences I gained in learning about brainwaves and the awakened mind from Donna Bach and Gary Groesbeck has been hugely valuable in helping me understand how better to use my main therapeutic tool of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. The mind mirror shows us what we mean by the terms we bandy about like 'conscious mind' or 'subconscious' and 'unconscious mind'. This is profound and scientific exploration of what we mean by mental, emotional and spiritual."

Gwyneth MossEFT Master UK

" I felt like I learned so much both personally and professionally. I left feeling more deeply and completely relaxed than I can remember. It was better than a vacation!... Thank you both so much for inviting me and teaching me so much. It was delightful to see you working together and to feel the chord of harmony, love, support and respect between you.With much love and gratitude,Anne"

Anne Watts(Daughter of Alan Watts, philosopher, author)Therapist and Group Facilitator HAI, Esalen