The Awakened Mind brain wave pattern, our natural or optimal brain wave state, was first observed in meditators of all persuasions. Subsequently it was also seen in healers at the moment of healing, in moments of creative insight, emotional insight, and “moments of intuition” or psychic insight. These moments are also frequently accompanied with high heart coherency. What is the thread that connects all of these experiences with the natural mind? What connects meditation, reverie, contemplation, intuition, healing, and creative insight?

The brain, like a good recording device, lays down information in different frequencies, this is a function of our natrual mind processes. Some of that information is linguistic, logical, and concerns “cognitive meanings about” the externally perceived world. This information tends to be recorded in beta, and when we recall this information we recreate the beta state, varying in frequency and amplitude according to the information being recalled or acted upon.

By analogy this applies to all of the different brain waves. Alpha tends to be associated with sensory experience, theta to emotional and subconscious experiences, and delta to unconscious relational “energetic” experience. In this sense delta is unique because it reaches out to the energy fields of others, the electromagnetic field that surrounds each living being, and begins to resonate with it.

How is this possible? The heart produces an electromagnetic field that can often be measured as far as fifteen feet away from ones body. If there is coherence within the heart rhythm, two hearts will begin to synchronize. Some of the subharmonics of the heart rhythm closely match the delta waves. The delta between two people can literally begin to dance together as their hearts do the same.

This information is constantly being laid down, but it is only in beta that we begin to think about, analyze, and act upon what is there. Unfortunately the high amplitude, high frequency beta tends to be associated with over thinking, over analyzing, ruminating, worrying and generally drowning out the information in the lower frequencies. We are literally taught to ignore the information in lower frequencies...”don’t look out the window and day dream, pay attention”; “big boys don’t cry”, etc.. Almost all of our education is concerned with beta activities. Consequently most of us grow up developing high beta and “ignoring” or repressing the information available in the other frequencies, including the heart-mind.

The integral awakened mind pattern is the brain wave pattern in which all of the components of our memories and experiences, in all frequencies, are fully available, coupled with high heart coherency, this is our natural mind state. Should we consider this an unusual state? Something reserved only for the “masters”? Absolutely not! If the mind-brain-heart system where allowed to follow it own natural course of development the integral awakened mind brain wave pattern would be the norm and not the exception. We can see this in the normal developmental pattern of the child.

Delta is the first to appear in the infant up to about age three, followed by increasing theta dominance from three to five, low alpha dominance from around age six to eight, with increasing alpha frequencies up to around ten hertz in adolescence. It is in late adolescence, young adulthood we begin to see the preponderance of high amplitude, high frequency beta to the exclusion, or diminution, of the other frequencies. As we grow up we also begin to listen less to our heart wisdom and heart coherency is lost. If the norm were followed then lower frequency beta would simply be added to the the pattern and all of the brain waves, plus heart coherency, would be present, in the correct proportions, to produce the Integral Awakened Mind.

The Integral Awakened Mind, that is all of the brain wave frequencies, in the correct relationship, coupled with full heart coherency, is the Natural Mind and the birthright of every human.

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